Innovative Procedure Saves Man’s Life – Revolutionary Treatment for Pulmonary Embolism

This procedure was performed by Dr. Ray Zhang


A middle-aged man in his 50s was recently treated from a life-threatening condition thanks to an advanced medical procedure. After fainting at home and experiencing difficulty with normal activities, he was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary emboli and severe right heart dysfunction and hypoxia. With increasing cardiac markers and a deep leg vein thrombus, the man fell into the submassive PE category, indicating an intermediate risk.

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Innovative Procedure Saves Man's Life - Revolutionary Treatment for Pulmonary Embolism


Dr. Ray Zhang, an interventional radiologist at Sol Radiology, performed a cutting-edge treatment known as pulmonary embolism thrombectomy. Unlike traditional approaches, this minimally invasive procedure utilizes mechanical aspiration devices to remove dangerous clots from the lungs’ pulmonary arteries, With just a small access site in the groin without major surgery.


Innovative Procedure Saves Man's Life - Revolutionary Treatment for Pulmonary Embolism

This innovative intervention is currently an active area of research, with different treatment options available. Some rely solely on anticoagulation, while others utilize catheter-directed tPA, despite its bleeding risks. However, the PE thrombectomy performed in this case is emerging as a highly effective solution. By carefully selecting patients, it offers the potential to free them from oxygen support and secure an earlier hospital discharge, all while minimizing risks.

Thanks to this procedure, the patient experienced a successful recovery and was discharged two days later. This breakthrough treatment is transforming the way we approach pulmonary embolism, opening up new possibilities for patients in need.